Monthly Archives: March 2016


Watching waves eat away an intricate sand castle is what depression feels like.

I never felt I could feel the pain of what a woman feels when her heart is broken by someone she has in her life.

I have worked so hard to rebuild my life and happiness and it has become a beautiful life.  Depression comes in as the stealthy thief and erodes a bit here and there.  It is like two steps forward and then I feel like I have to watch the progress erased. 

At times I wonder if I have made any progress because I dive down to find the sand castle being eroded.  I in vision something that I have lovingly built only to have it taken away.

Yes I understand I have to let the other person live her life as I live mine.  It is just when the other pulls away suddenly,  it feel like the tide is rushing in to erode away what was built and the emptiness is quickly filled with depression.  

Maybe I shouldn’t care so deeply for someone,  however I don’t want to turn into a callous woman.

Being a tough chick means having a vulnerable heart.