Musings XXXI

Holidays mean so much to people.  It is the time of year where families get together for meals and festivities.  

For me it is evolving into a time where I try to not think about my family.   They have made it clear that I am no longer welcome.  Being transgender is something that doesn’t comports with their religious beliefs. 

So blood family is not exactly on my social agenda. 

I am an adult and I can find other alternatives for how I spend my holidays.   Though it may be sad, I have a nice apartment, food and amenities.  

What saddens me is the life of young transgender people.   Those who are rejected can be filled with depression, violence and loneliness.   They don’t have the resources that I have. 

When I was young and knew I should have been a girl, I faced walls of rejection.   I learned though trauma that building a male facade was my only option for survival.  

As I look at this holiday season I have to understand the consequences of being true to myself.   It means that I  am going to probably be alone again.  

Maybe I will decorate my tree and put out Christmas lights. 

I may be alone and a  bit lonely,  however nothing like the youth that face the violent walls.   In so many ways I cringe because I so understand their pain.

As you celebrate holidays with family take time to think about the homeless LGBT youth that have been thrown away. 


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