Musings XXVIII

The societal bin labeled Mental Illness is where we toss the inexplicable marginalized of society.

Think about the mass shootings that seem to be more frequent.   The first comments that are made is the individual is mentally ill.  That is after making sure the shooter is not a Middle Eastern Muslim.   In this case it is a terrorist attack and the machine will bring in so called security experts.

So when the media is satisfied with the mental illness designation, the media will bring in so called “mental health experts”.  This circus will paint people as the wear wolf’s howling at the moon or something worse.  None of the talking head pseudo shrinks have worked with people who commit mass murder.  Do you ever wonder why people with mental illness want to hide the diagnosis?

What comes next is oxymoron statement,  “The guns were legally purchased ” followed by the NRA minions screaming that we can’t use this shooting as the reason to start discussing reasonable gun regulations.  One has to step back and ponder do these people make sense?

Into the Bin labeled Mental Illness we toss veterans who are homeless and suffering from war related mental illness.   We throw in street people that seem not normal.  We sometimes say, “That person is off their meds”.

We preach Christianity yet take the marginalized and shove the to the fringes.

What is missing is a serious discussion about effective mental health programs that are part of health care programs.  It can’t be an after thought or programs that are contracted off to questionable groups.  What we need is qualified professionals that can work with primary care doctors.

I am lucky to have very good medical and a very good psychiatrist.  I am afraid this is not always the case.

We also need safety net psychological care programs.   Not the 72 hour psychological evaluation or jails but care facilities that over holistic programs of medical and psychological care.

I know this is unrealistic when politicians are tripping over themselves to be radically conservative.   That is tax cuts to the rich and elimination of social programs.


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