Musings XXV

Mental illness has been stigmatized for a long time.  How many movies or TV show have shown people with  mental health issues as positive.

In the 1980’s we saw the dismantling of the mental health services and people were mainstreamed into a health care system not ready for the influx of people. 

How many of us have seen a street person who has real mental illnesses and said they need to be on their meds?  How many men on the streets acting out we make a not so positive comment?  In reality many of the men on the streets are veterans.   Maybe we should at least help the veterans.

When 9/11 occurred the  criminals we called terrorists. When a kid shoots up a school or church the murders are said to be suffering from mental illness.   We don’t call them terrorists.

So here I come onto the stage diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.   I am also transgender, I have Multiple Sclerosis and a recovering alcoholic.  Bipolar disorder is linked to all of the the three conditions.   So maybe I should ask people to see me as a woman working hard to live a balanced life.  If I fixate on one of those issues solely will the other issues get worse? 

If you look at me as an insane person,  then you are blind to the real person I am

It is easy to get on a emotional rant and include mental illness with other violent activities.   Doing this is taking a wide paint brush and lumping people like me with murders.   Well the Pope has said transgender people are basically nuclear weapons.  

26 million people in the United States have some level of mental illness and telling people we linked to murder, war and other violence is not reality. 

Why not work to have comprehensive mental health programs and help people in need .  Yes it will cost money, but we need to recognize the humanity of people with mental health issues.  


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