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XIX Solitary Journey

This is a solitary journey in becoming myself.
Yes friends have been with me especially one very special woman.   Sis I owe you so much. 

Maybe the title is a masking of what I feel in this time of my journey.   I say I enjoy living single and it is nice not having the politics of a relationship or roommate.   Yet I will invest myself in building a special friendship and enjoy the feeling of getting to know a special person.   I now understand how and why women hurt so much when they feel they are losing that person.  I understand why we invest so much to have special friends and when the divide begins we feel emotional loss. 

My journey has taken me from the isolating person that could never enjoy friends to a vulnerable woman that gets torn apart when a special person decides to go in a different direction.  

I  feel that I am on this journey alone again and I will reach out to my sis and others to help me. 

I  know someday someone will smile at me in a way that will remind me that I still can invest part of me into something special.  

In the past I would have obliterated myself,  now I have a special sister and other women who will understand.  

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Irritated Transgender Woman

Whitewashing Stonewall

Ronald Emmerich is releasing a movie about the Stonewall Riots.  He decided to create a fictional character as the primary person in the movie.  It is a cute gay guy from the Midwest.   We are to believe this guy is the leader of the riots.  
In reality it was transgender women of color,  drag queens and Lesbians that thew the first brick and punches at the police. 
People don’t realize that transgender women and drag queens were being arrested and beaten because it was against the law to wear women’s clothes.  Many of these people were raped. 

So to have the gritty reality whitewashed sends a message that we are second class people.

What Stonewall was about was or desire to be left alone.   It the moved into demands for equality.   Finally it became marriage equality.   Personally I don’t care about the marriage issue.  I care about end of discrimination against LGBT people in this  country.   In 32 states a transgender person can be legally fired, lose housing and other liberties because they transgender.   To me equality is more important that marriage equality.  

Society wants to have a softer more homogenized view of LGBT people.   Well guess what.   We demand equality and transgender and queer people are not always easily packaged. So in essence give us equality and then leave us the fuck alone.   I don’t want to hear questions about my genitals and don’t tell me I pass.  I am like any other transgender woman just wants to be female.  

So yes I am pissed off.   It is not fun watch Hollywood erase the role transgender women,  drag queens and Lesbians played in starting the LGBT movement.

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