Musings XV

Who Would Chose to be Transgender?

We have heard the Religious Rights assertion that being Transgender is a choice.  It is like we decide that we want to change our gender on a whim.  By the way this “choice” position seems to justify there assertion that we are mentally sick.

OK here is the deal, the only choice I had was to live happily or go downhill with self hatred.  The mental health issue is not being transgender rather it is the dichotomy of the self identity and the body.  Add family and societal rejection and mental health is pushed. 

People say don’t help children that exhibit gender dysphoria.   My view is they need every avenue of care.  If they get care and acceptance they can live life with a better chance of living a healthy life. 

I know that being transgender is not easy.   Their are issue I will discuss later.

Anyone that says being transgender is a choice, ask them to chose to live as the other gender 24/7 for a year.  Ask them if the would enjoy bigotry,  anger,rejection and violence?   I bet the would decline.  Really our only choice is to live or in some cases die.

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