Musings XIV

The Conundrum of labels
For the most part I just see myself as a woman.   I joke that I am female and just need some plumbing work done on me.

Now the are factions within society that will disagree.   There are the Right Wing Christians Conservatives that will say I am an abomination and most likely a pedophile.  I mean why else would I  use the women’s restroom.   Then there are the ultra radical feminists that are Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminists  (TERFS) who think transgender women promote the rape culture and are men in dresses. 

I have tried to engage in rational discourse with both groups and it is more fulfilling having a  conversation with a brick wall.   Bring science or biology to the discussion is futile.  My error is assuming these people have a bare bones understanding of science. 

Our society loves labels and acronyms and this is true in describing people.   there is a brewing controversy over the term “Cis”.  This term mean “not transgender” 

In a perfect world people would those of us that are Transgender would be be seen as either women or men.  There is a little issue and that is less than 10% of Americans know a transgender person.  So the rest are influenced by what they hear or see. 

People that know me see me as a woman.   Those that don’t may label me as transgender.  

I have written about the issues of “Papers Please” and people don’t know what that type os social construct means to us. 

In a perfect world those that believe in civil rights would rise up against the conservatives and say NO!!!

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