Musings XIII

There is Hope
In the midst of the discriminatory Religious Freedom legislation and anti-transgender legislation, there are stories of hope.  Today I read a story about how a dad changed his heart and embraced his transgender daughter.  He fights for the rights of transgender youth and his daughter pushes for the rights of transgender youth.  

Yes I  push for the rights of LGBT people and it sometimes feel like the fight is nor going well. 

What I have to see is my own personal victory.   I went from a person that was filled with incredible depression and self hate to a confident woman that is planning a trip to Thailand to have Gender confirmation surgery.   I have incredible loving and supportive friends.

One of my friends is now a true sister.  She is walking with me on this part of my journey.   We have laughed and share moments where my happiness is tinged with tears.  She has seen me at my worst and best and all I get is real love.

So I may scream outrage about stupid laws, however I have to take time to notice what is  good. 

Maybe highlighting the unconditional love a dad has for his transgender daughter is also a message that is more important at the moment. 

I know taking time to think about my little sister is also important.
I will continue fighting and also take time to point out amazing people and victories.


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