Musings XII

Religious Freedom Acts……Such Sweet Horse Manure.
Christians seem to think religious freedom means they can discriminate,  bully and push for violence against LGBT people with impunity. Conservative Christian people seem to think LGBT people are intolerant because we are pushing against the discriminatory laws be enacted.

Christians are putting on the victim cloak because we are pointing out the odious bigotry.

Now I know a lot of progressive Christians, who will say it just a minority group of conservative Christians that are pushing the bigotry. Well people elected these people and they are laying waste to LGBT people’s rights.

So I ask where are the voices of the progressive and moderate Christians? Let’s get real if you stand on the sidelines and watch a portion of the American people get hurt, you either don’t care or secretly support the bigotry.

There are states pushing “Papers Please” bathroom laws. This might as well be laws saying it is ok to push more violence against transgender women. The law makers seem to think all transgender women are pedophiles and perverts. 

Where the heck are mainline and progessive Christian voices. 

I sometimes feel that transgender people are just pawns and we are expected to fight for marriage equality and causes that benefit LGB people.  However when the issue concerns transgender people, well the LGB people either run away or say just wait. 
Kids the are too many transgender people murdered every year.  There are too many transgender people that commit suicide.

It is time the LGBT community stands together.


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