Musings X

Breast augmentation is sliding into the push and massage phase now. The Frankenboob phase is done. Now is the time to push the huge implants towards the middle of the chest and down.  This process is also used to stretch the pectoral muscles so that the breasts become natural  feeling.  

The big issue for me now is very sensitive nipples.  They  are kind of setting down, however the moving around of the implants can wake me up., especially if fabrics rub against the nipples.

I have to be careful of the tops I wear now.  The girls are pushing out more and this means tees are fitting  differently and have to wear bras that hide the sensitive nipples.
I am realizing that I am feeling much more feminine with the augmentation.  I love my edgy chic, however I am going for soft feminine tops. I am looking forward for sandals and skirts.
I am loving  my journey now.


1 thought on “Musings X

  1. Dolores M. Dudley

    Many years ago, I worked in a production facility. I handled large quantities of chemicals and dealt with harsh weather. Even though I always wore protective gloves, my hands dried out and I had numerous cuts and splits in the skin most of the time. A local farmer I knew told me to try a product called “Udder Cream”. It is an old product used by dairy farmers to treat their milk cow’s udders when they get sore from being milked or suckled. The stuff did wonders for my hands, and I have really dry skin all over, I used it in other places. Including on my nipples when they would swell and the skin would start to split. It has a slight fresh scent and I used to find it in feed stores or pet supply stores.



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