Musings IX

This is going to be the first of many musings of what it is like to be a transgender woman.  

Being a  woman is amazing and something  my brain has demanded since I was four years old.  I know can live an authentic life knowing that what I have is a gift from Godess.   OK  I am a heretic by saying God is female.

Recently there have been movies and television shows that depict transgender women.   In all of these the part of the Transgender woman is played by a male actor.   Why not use a transgender woman play the part?

How can a guy understand the life of a transgender woman?  In the film he may act out the issues of fear we feel,  but he doesn’t face this fear when he leaves the movie set.  He can’t understand the struggles we faced in the process of transtioning.  He can’t understand the daily struggle to pass. 

How can he understand the feeling we get when someone makes a rude comment?   How can a male actor understand the maze of medical hurdles we face in getting hormones and surgery?

How can a male actor feel the despair we feel when we face the cost of surgeries when insurance doesn’t cover the costs. 

Maybe Hollywood should consider casting transgender women in the roles of transgender parts.  Maybe Hollywood should end the apparent bigotry against real transgender women.


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