Musings VIII

Can a transgender woman be Christian?
Recently the Pope claimed that Transgender people are nuclear weapons.   If this is true the transgender people are the weapons of the Devil.  This argument is simular to the notion of same sex marriage will destroy hetero sexual marriges.  Rational people will scratch their heads and the laugh at the absurdity.

Being that Pope Francis is the head of the Catholic Church, one has to see the underlying violence that is being sanctioned.  oh you may say that his comments are not violent.   Every year close to 350 transgender people are murdered every year.   Unfortunately ignorant hate filled people will see the Pope’s comments as a license to violence.

Back to the question, can I as a transgender woman be Christian?  I my view, yes because being Christian is not only faith but also action.   If I follow the words of Jesus, am I not Christian?   These are issues that will divide people and maybe it should be an issue that draws people together.   Unfortunately  the Pope  and Conservative Christian leaders may not want to discuss  this issue. 


1 thought on “Musings VIII

  1. Dolores M. Dudley

    I think the pope just insulted many of God’s children. I believe that all humans are made in the image of God. For the pope to compare transgendered people to nuclear weapons is horrific. It is an attempt to strip Trans people’s humanity from them. It also sounds like he is encouraging violence towards trans people and throwing a not too subtle threat towards trans people. Initially, I thought this pope might be a little different. As long as the church has a leader who is discriminating against people, the church stays the same to me. Dangerous. Not a place I would ever feel ok leaving a child. Or pet. Or needy person.



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