Musings VII

Birth Certificates are something people only care about when getting a driver’s license or a passport.  People  don’t think about their Birth Certificate because in there mind it is just a formality of who the are. 

Well for transgender people, we think about it with horror  and fear.  It says we were officially recognized as a gender that is diametrically opposite to what our brain says.  It reminds us that thing are wrong. 

I hated the very sight of my Birth Certificate.   I buried in a file hoping it would magically change and the next time I needed it I would smile. 

For transgender people the hurdles are daunting and having a Birth Certificate that is opposite to how we present ourselves creates wreckage in our lives.  For people that have conservative laws, getting a driver’s license is frustrating and embarrassing.  

As an Oregonian,  the laws are helpful to transgender people.   We can get a driver’s license that corresponds to the gender our brains screams about.  We can also get a legal change in Gender via a court order.

Well today I received my correct Birth Certificate and I am happy.  I now can look at my Birth Certificate and smile. 

I know that the road for other transgender people is more difficult.   I just hope we will see a day when people do not have to deal with insurmountable hurdles.


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