Musings VI

As a transgender woman, I see bigotry and it can be blatant and subtle.   First I never understood sexism until I transitioned.   Male privalage is alive and well, so to speak.   I have the ability to see the world from both sides of the street.  

Beyond sexism there is the bigotry people have towards transgender women.   There are radical right wing Christians that just hate transgender people.   Men don’t understand why one their “brothers” will betray their their male nature.  There are radical feminists that mimic the messages of the radical right wing Christians.

Recently I  was in a 12 step program business meeting and the lead woman went on a tangent saying only “natural born women can be lesbian.   She went on to say transgender women are not women.   Add to this that lesbian have been victims of decriminalization. 

She doesn’t understand what it means to be transgender and the barriers we face. 

Bigotry has many faces and I am never surprised at what people say.  


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