Musings V

Frankenboobs is the decription women give of their boobs after augmentation.   They are not equal looking and they look nothing like those before and after pictures of augmentation.   They are not squishy like normal boobs.  They are something like a water balloon that is way too full.   They are swollen and the nipples tend to hurt.  The last thing you want is to have someone play with them.

I decided on 475cc moderate plus profile Mentor memory gel implants.   The doctor said that is the most he would cram into my chest.  In hind sight one week after augmentation I think he is definitely right.  

I am happy I had augmentation, however the recovery is a bit disconcerting.  Given how,the look and feel, I am not feeling good about exploring them.  I know it will take 4 to 6 weeks for them to settle in  and become natural looking.  At this point they are not natural looking or feeling.

As for how do I feel having boobs is an interesting question.   I realize I am instantly getting boobs.  They went from an A cup to D cup within 2 hours.  Women take a lot longer than this,to develop breasts.  So the instantaneous transformation is exciting and filled with questions.  
I think as the settle in am look  more  natural I will be happy.  One thought that goes thought that goes though my mind centers around not wanting to break them.  As I said the look and feel  like an over filled water balloons.

More to be discussed

More to be discussed.


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