Musings IV

Tomorrow I go for augmentation and know this can be seen a an expression of  vanity.  Do breasts define a woman?  My feeling is no because there are women with small breasts and women that have lost there breasts due to cancer. 

I realize that my excitement has to be tempered with the understanding that so many women have suffered the consequences of breast cancer.

I have  to also realize that our society has conflicting positions on women’s breasts.  On one side you have the notion that women shoeing cleavage is a sign of sesuality.  Just look at ads in magazines,  on TV and womens clothing styles.  

On the flip side you have positions by so called religious people.   These positions demand women cover up totally.  

I see augmentation as a step in my journey.   Yes I am going to dress that matches  my style.  Yes I  want to be attractive.   Yes I would love to be with a very special person.  
Those who know  me have been supportive.  I sometimes think  they are more excited than me.

I am sure I am like any other woman seeking augmentation,  I have researched doctors, implant information and size.  Before and after pictures of augmentation has helped me figure out what  I want.  I have figured out what I want.  I am insisting that in the end, I want them to look  natural.  I have listed to my surgeon my friends and especially from my sister Michelle Rydzewski.

More will be  revealed.


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