Monthly Archives: January 2015

Musings III

Today is a day of smiles.  I went the Multnomah County Courthouse for legal gender.   Sure my drivers license says female, however if you don’t get a court order of gender change. You can’t change your birth certificate. 

The state of Oregon has made easier to cross this hurdle.   My doctor had to write a letter in a specific format for the judge sign the order. 

After I get the corrected birth certificate I will be  able to get a passport so I can travel hassle free to Thailand.  

Crossing these hurdles can be daunting, however I realize I will just take this journey one step at a time.


Musing II

Today was a wonderful day in my journey.   I went for augmentation consult with the best sister ever. 
I was getting excited about this step, however I did not anticipate the feelings of joy and how feminine I would feel as we tested the look of different sizes and shapes of implants. 

The doctor  put  me at ease and of course Sis and I had our running jokes.  I am realizing that I  have hit a major step in my transition.  I have emotionally feel female totally.  I see myself as female and who I used to be has slipped away. 

This journey has not been easy,  however at this time I feel my world is blossoming.  

I will post later about the technical and fun antics we had.


This Friday  I am going for the consult  for augmentation and yes I am excited.  
I have so many thoughts on this.  As a transgender woman I have  say countless time how I wanted to have the body of  a woman.   My Gender Dysphoria  is the kind where my brain keeps reminding me that I have the wrong  body.  Yes I am better by living as a woman,  however  my brain is not satisfied.  

So breast are important to me.  Yes there is the mountain of social constructs that surround women’s  breasts. 

I just know that for me there isn’t  much choice in this direction.  I either satisfy my Gender Dysphoria or live in conflict .